About Us

Core Balance Training was founded by Ryan Peebles, PT, DPT.  Since Ryan was a child, Ryan.... Hold on, I'm the one writing this.

Hi, I developed a passion for creating balance in our body's neuromuscular system after years of my own struggles. Yes, I'm one of those who figured out their own solution to chronic pain (and dysfunction) and now I want to share it with the world. I believe a lot of people find these specific techniques that worked for them, and come to believe it will work for everyone. While that's just not the case, I do believe that core balance training can be beneficial for everyone. That's because cbt is not a technique. It's a compilation of exercises that I've put into a program. It's actually nothing new, and I didn't invent any of the exercises. All I didn't was systematize them into a way that progresses you out of a really common muslce imbalance in today's chair-laiden society. We sit too much. That's a big problem. And the solution isn't just standing all day at your desk, and you know that if you've tried it. We've developed chronic muscle imbalances through a lifetime repetitive habits to fit into our current society's needs. These imbalances change the way our bodies move and function. Our joints end up just a little bit off kilter. When our joints aren't operating at their optimum congruency, they wear down quicker. Pain results because our bodies are trying to alarm us that something is wrong. There is no quick fix to this problem because our bodies have adapted to this sitting lifestyle over a long period of time. No chiropractic adjustment is going to reshape our muscular systems back to the balanced network of guy-wires that hold our bones in place (surgery won't do that either). We have to reshape our own bodies back into balance through real, actual work. Yep, I said it. YOU have to do the work. The passive care model doesn't work. It's your job to be an active participant in your health and as a health care provider (I'm a physical therapist), it's my job to teach you, educate you, and coach you through the process of fixing yourself. And that's why I created this system. Finding muscular balance is an artwork, not a science. It's certainly based on science, but there is no cook book or cookie-cutter approach. We are all unique, and you know your body the best. So learn about it. I'll teach you about what to feel and what to do, and help you begin this awesome journey.

So thats me in a nutshell.

Oh yea... I'm a traveling physical therapist and currently live among the redwoods of northern California. I'm originally from Lake Forest, southern California, but have lived in a few other places and countries. I have an incredible passion for the ocean, and a burning desire to educate people out of back pain.